TeachLab with Justin Reich


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Future of Ed Tech

Listen to this podcast to better understand the future of education, ed tech, and why tech alone can’t solve our education challenges.

Informative, engaging, and important podcast

This podcast is a power packed list of people who have championed equity in education. Justin Reich keeps the conversation going while letting his guests share their experiences and insights. I look forward to listening every week!

Great Start!

Only two episodes out so far, and TeachLab is sharing vital lessons. José Luis Vilson on scaffolding questions into tiers that center students, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum on crossing lines of difference - powerful ideas to improve instruction and equity.

Exciting, necessary conversations

As someone who worked on this podcast, I'm so proud to help share some of these exciting, necessary conversations about teaching and learning. Enjoy!

Great questions that zero in the biggest take-aways

Equity in the classroom is a great focus to start with, something that is not covered enough in teaching programs. Thank you for asking the question -what mistake do you often see white teachers making with students of color? The answer speaks to having high standards for all students. I very much look forward to more episodes. Signed -a white teacher in an urban setting

Super engaging!

I really enjoyed the first episode with Dr.Tatum. Really brought up a lot of important issues. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

An incredible line up of teachers, researchers, and educators

I’m a little biased, because I’m the host, but the podcast has a fabulous line up-- we have some amazing classroom teachers: Kevin Dua, Neema Avashia, and Jose Vilson; researchers like Beverly Daniel Tatum, Meira Levinson, Ilana Horn, Rich Milner, and Elizabeth Self; school system leaders like Colin Rose and Geoffrey Canada, and education advocates like Millie Arbaje-Thomas. I hope you all will give it a listen!